wood wallpaper

Sometimes we want to give a rustic touch to some of our spaces and we do not know what decorative elements are suitable to achieve this. Our wood wallpaper is perfect to get that rustic touch that we are looking for. It is ideal in spaces located in rural areas, such as mountain hotels, inns, etc.

Feel the smell of firewood, the warmth of the fireplace … All those things that can be for us relaxing and peaceful. Talking about wood means elegance, comfort and peace. A noble material that can give our space a different beauty and harmony. Sometimes it is enough to use elements such as our wood wallpaper.

Wood wallpaper, a great success to achieve this effect


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Isle of sky – MU11034  Δ

Dozo – MU11040  Δ

The best materials aviable for your wood wallpaper!

We have the best material on the market to create our wood wallpaper. Textile, vinyl, non-woven… In addition, to create spectacular designs we are concerned with placing them on materials that can contribute to the creation of an unbeatable product.

If you have any questions about which material is better or which one suits better with your spaces, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you in everything you need.


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