tropical wallpaper

Here you can find the tropical wallpaper that can best be adapted to the style of your spaces. At Muance we have always been committed to offering a wide variety of styles and designs, so that any client, even if they have different tastes and preferences, can find in us the perfect solution to redesign their spaces.

Use these types of designs and you will get anyone to enter the tropical jungle, its dense forests and can admire all its beauty and splendor. Let the nature effect of these designs surprise you with their multiple shapes and colors.

This trend is causing a sensation and more and more people are turning to this type of design. This is due to the contrast that can be achieved in spaces that are too sober and simple. Thanks to the tropical wallpaper we will be able to give our spaces or rooms a different and cheerful touch.

At Muance we are specialized in offering our products to other companies such as architects, designers, hotels, etc. In the case of the latter, this tropical wallpaper is ideal for those hotels located in tropical areas or areas with a large tourist influx. However, it is a style that can fit almost anywhere. It all depends on our intentions and the style we want to achieve.

A different and exotic touch with our tropical wallpaper


Click here if you would like to see the full catalogue of Edition 1. Here you can find our tropical wallpapers.

Living Things – MU11022  Δ
Passion leaf -MU11067  Δ

Botanical – MU11046  Δ

The best advice for your tropical wallpaper!

We put all our work and experience at your disposal to advise you as best as possible. We have a wide variety of sizes and can be customized for any wall on which you want to place our tropical wallpaper.

As can be seen in the image, we divide the paper into different sections of 100 centimetres each. You just must contact us specifying the measures you need, and we will provide it. Contact us!


Contact us for any question you need to resolve about our tropical wallpapers.

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