trees wallpaper

As you have seen, our creations are not ordinary designs. At Muance we create murals that evoke and transport the public to the most wonderful places on the planet. This is the case of our trees wallpaper designs since, as you can see, their designs take us to the vast African sheet, the Amazon jungle or the deep forest.

Turn your spaces into enigmatic places, your refuge, your personal oasis. Nature is the best place to disconnect, why not bring it to our spaces? With our trees wallpaper designs you can achieve an environment of rest and harmony with which to reach that essence of the natural world.

Trees in a tropical, african or nordic style are some of the ones you can find in our trees wallpaper collections. If you have any questions about which style best suits your idea, you can contact us. We will assist you without any obligation.

you have not seen trees wallpaper designs like these


Click here if you would like to see the full catalogue of Edition 1. Here you can find our trees wallpapers.


Trees Wallpapers designs in our Edition 2 – Cobalt


Click here if you would like to see the designs of our Edition 2 - Cobalt.


The final results of our designs

Ubuntu – MU11004  Δ

Yanya – MU11010  Δ

Horizons Echo – MU11031  Δ

Maravilla – MU12064  Δ

Sense of Truth – MU12043  Δ

Expansion Theory – MU12031  Δ

Any question about our trees wallpaper designs? Contact us!

Considering our wide variety of tree wallpaper designs, as well as the different materials that we work with, it is normal that some doubts may arise. How is the wallpaper attached? How can I get the size I need? What design, colours and materials best suit the style of my spaces?

For all the doubts that may arise, you just have to contact us. We will help you solve them.


Contact us for any question you need to resolve about our trees wallpapers.