stripe wallpaper

There are rooms that cry out for a new style that, however small it may seem, is enough to get a face lift. Large modifications are often not necessary, a small decorative element is enough to provide the change we need. This is the case with our stripe wallpaper.

In our case, it is not just a decorative mural. Many brands offer stripe wallpapers in different colours, but they follow the same style. In our case, we like to go further and create different and unique murals, capable of generating a touch of exclusivity in any space.

As you can see, our stripe wallpaper is very different from any other you can find, since it combines stripes with multiple shapes and colours, always following the same chromatic tone. Sometimes it is even combined with other effects such as wood, shapes that resemble mountains, geometric drawings, etc.

Take a look at our various references and contact us for any questions that may arise.

Stripe wallpaper, unique and different from any others


Click here if you would like to see the full catalogue of Edition 1. Here you can find our stripe wallpapers.

Uncensored – MU11085 Δ
Chevy Spring – MU11013 Δ

Jixi Haze – MU11025 Δ

We know how to help you with our stripe wallpaper. Call us!

Any of our decorative murals, including our stripe wallpaper, can be adapted to any size. One of our priorities is that all our designs can meet any requirement from customers, when placing the product in their spaces and rooms. That is, it is fully customizable.

Although its placement is extremely easy, it is normal that doubts may arise on occasion. Therefore, you can contact us whenever you need. We are here to help you.


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