Natural Wallcovering

Natural wallcovering designs are becoming increasingly fashionable. One of the most current trends is to use this kind of decorative elements to modify those environments and spaces that are too urban. Plants, trees or animals are usually used so that the rooms have a different touch, a contrast that allows to reduce the seriousness of some spaces.

From Muance, we offer you various styles of natural wallcovering that have nothing to do with what you have seen before. Our designs are inspired by nature and everything that is created from it. Harmony, contrast, beauty … These are just some of the many qualities that we like to highlight in our designs.

Our natural wallcovering designs combine different styles, some inspired by tropical or African regions, even with an oriental style. It is not about simple monochrome designs and nothing more, at Muance we like to go one step further and create unique designs capable of convey emotions.

Bring nature to your spaces with our natural wallcovering


Click here if you would like to see the full catalogue of Edition 1. Here you can find our natural wallcoverings.


More designs of our Edition 2 – Cobalt


Click here if you would like to see the designs of our Edition 2 - Cobalt.


Promises – MU11073  Δ

Unspoken – MU11097  Δ

Tomorrow – MU11103  Δ

Pointing things out – MU12079 Δ

Jasmina – MU12025 Δ

We help you choosing the natural wallpaper that suits you best!

Which material is better? How is the product positioned correctly? All these questions and others can come up very easily. So, if you have questions about which of our designs best suits your style or need information of anything else, we are here to help.

We divide our designs by panels of 100 cm each and, depending on the space or room where you are going to place it, we help you choosing a specific measure. Contact us!


Contact us for any question you need to resolve about our natural wallcoverings.