metallic wallpaper

Why not give your spaces a different touch by turning to metallic wallpaper? Sometimes, when we want to remodel a space or give it a different touch, it is not necessary to make so much changes. All it takes is a small change to achieve big transformations.

Our metallic wallpaper is very versatile and adapts to different styles. However, we must bear in mind that it is convenient to respect the same colour tone so that a certain harmony continues to exist, and the space is not too strident.

At Muance we like to consider luxury as something that is not only the meaning of glamour or opulence, but also appears in the subtle touches, in the durability, in the beauty of the materials we used. Therefore, we carry out a meticulous job in creating our designs. We do not want to offer too extravagant proposals, but modern and luxury styles and designs with a different touch.

Our metallic wallpaper is perfect for rooms or spaces with an industrial touch. Its silver and gray tones complement this type of space very well. However, we have other different tones available that are also an interesting proposal and that we must consider achieving that different decorative touch or style.

See our different proposals and contact us to resolve any questions you may need.

Metallic wallpaper for an industrial and modern touch


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Beyond the line – MU11019  Δ

Patina glaze -MU11028  Δ

Casablanca – MU11007  Δ

Metallic wallpaper, we help you!

We must consider the measures that are necessary when purchasing our wallpaper. Therefore, if you need advice on how to adjust our product to the appropriate measurements, do not hesitate to contact us.

We organize our designs in a very simple way so that any client, when considering the measurements they need, can acquire their wallpaper without problems. Safety, comfort, and trust are some of our fundamental premises so that the result is adequate.


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