Matt non-woven 

The Muance matt non-woven wallpaper is a dimensionally stable product that is most commonly used for the residential market. The base is made out of a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by a heat treatment. This process creates a mesh that bonds the wood fibers tightly together making the product extremely durable. The matt non-woven is made without textured embossing and an additional protective varnish (heavy metal free) is added for extra washability and scrub resistance.

Textured vinyl 

Muance uses a brilliant white textured vinyl wallcovering with a non-woven backing. It is suitable for a whole range of applications, from an personalized mural for consumers or a tailor made and decorative wallcovering for hotels, offices or (healthcare) institutions, to a durable shop interior or creative set design. The textured coated surface ensures a striking and vibrant color range.


Muance uses a high end quality textile wallcovering with actual cotton threading , the substrate is extremely durable, breathable, stain- resistant and provides exceptional insulation.
Due to it’s textile top layer, the wallcovering gets a unique and gorgeous high-end effect.

Metallic range

The Muance metallic (gold, silver and copper) range offers you the opportunity to add a glamorous metallic effect to your wall. With a metallic coating on top of a dimensionally stable non-woven backing, the wallpaper is suited for the residential market and the contract market.

Gold metallic

silver metallic

copper metallic