Geometric wallpaper

If you are a lover of modern and eclectic shapes, we can provide you with a collection of geometric wallpaper that can be perfectly adapted to your spaces. These are designs that manage to bring enough dynamism to any room and give it life, as well as a different touch, since you can even perceive the movement of the forms.

Geometric wallpaper, characterized by its three-dimensional shapes, can fit perfectly just by placing it on a wall, thus we can create contrasts and combine smooth walls with this decorative element. In addition, it complements very well with furniture or decorative objectives, if they go in the same harmony as the geometric paper. If we manage to combine both elements, we will be using this resource in the correct way. We will ensure that, in bright and minimalist spaces, this wallpaper provides a more personal and different style respecting the other spaces.

Muance’s geometric shapes wallpaper seeks to awaken different sensations in the person viewing the mural. A feeling that, far from blocking the mind, helps to evoke impossible shapes and form a unique image capable of being linked with positive emotions.

Take a look at the various models and references that we offer you and contact us for any questions you need to solve.

Geometric wallpaper for an eclectic touch


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Chevy Spring – MU11013  Δ
Holographic Reflections – MU11091  Δ

Lost Exposure – MU11061  Δ

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One of our objectives is to advise you as best as possible and resolve any doubts you may need. Our experts will know how to offer you the best answer considering the preferences and conditions that you may transfer to us. At Muance we have different sizes and materials for our geometric wallpaper. We divide the paper by sections and create it from the personalized measurements that any client needs.

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Contact us for any questions you need to solve.

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