tropical wallpaper

Look to our spectacular selection of flowery wallpaper, belonging to our Violet collection. This is one of the decorative elements of the moment, capable of bringing light and beauty to a room eager for new changes and to achieve its own personality.

When making our designs, we have always kept in mind that they must have the ability to transmit. Depending on the type of design or style, it will transmit a positive feeling, and it should always awaken something within us. Moving into our most intimate thoughts and memories. With our flowery wallpaper designs we believe we have achieved it.

This floral-style decorative wall offers many possibilities. Due to the different styles and tones in our selection, it can be combined with rooms with darker or lighter furniture. Depending on the type of room or space we have, we will use one or the other. The fact is, with our wide selection of flowery wallpaper, you will not have a problem choosing the one that suits you best.

A selection of our flowery wallpaper, fall in love!


Click here if you would like to see the full catalogue of Edition 1. Here you can find our flowery wallpapers.

Indie days – MU11049 Δ

Happy Daze – MU11037 Δ

Casablanca- MU11007 Δ

You need any advice on our flowery wallpaper? Leave it in our hands!

Faced with such a wide selection of flowery wallpaper, you may have doubts about which one can fit better with your spaces. For this reason, get in touch with us to answer any questions and let our experts advise you.

It may seem complicated, but installing our decorative murals is easier than it sounds. We offer custom sizes, so we adapt to any need.


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