Edition 2 – cobalt collection

New Divide -MU12001 Δ

Nalini -MU12004 Δ

Honolulu sky -MU12007 Δ

Wall of Madu -MU12010 Δ

Ad Astra -MU12013 Δ

Growing Terrazzo -MU12016 Δ

Kirkwood -MU12019 Δ

Story of three -MU12022 Δ

Eden of bliss -MU12028 Δ

Jasmina -MU12025 Δ

Expansion Theory -MU12031 Δ

Carlton Gardens -MU12034 Δ

Henderson -MU12037 Δ

Kintsugi -MU12040 Δ

Sense of truth -MU12043 Δ

Fishbone bricks -MU12046 Δ

Smoke and chalk -MU12049 Δ

Royal awakening -MU12052 Δ

Atlas Obscura -MU12055 Δ

Dawn of Milford -MU12058 Δ

Dining with Mona -MU12061 Δ

Maravilla -MU12064 Δ

Pointing things out -MU12079 Δ

Tropicana Spheres -MU12070 Δ

The Circle -MU12073 Δ

Shangri-la -MU12076 Δ

Shine down -MU12067 Δ

Bongo Congo -MU12082 Δ

The Deco brothers -MU12085 Δ

Cosmic wonder -MU12088 Δ


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Residential or contract Materials

Using quality materials that are excellently suited for the residential and contract market, Muance offers a variety of substrates that can be fitted into most interior environments. Whether you are looking for a lightweight product or a durable heavy contract product, Muance can provide the necessary.

Metallic range

We also have a beautiful metallic range which can give your wall a even more spectacular appeal.

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