Edition 1 – violet collection


Tropicana Sphere -MU11001  Δ

Ubuntu -MU11004  Δ

Casablanca -MU11007  Δ

Chevy Springs -MU11013  Δ

Beyond the line -MU11019  Δ

Casablanca -MU11007  Δ

Mexicoco -MU11016  Δ

Living Things -MU11022  Δ

Happy Daze -MU11037  Δ

Jixi Haze -MU11025  Δ

Patina Glaze -MU11028  Δ

Horizons Echo -MU11031  Δ

Isle of Sky -MU11034  Δ

Dozo -MU11040  Δ

African Gold -MU11043  Δ

Indie days -MU11049  Δ

Biodiversity -MU11046  Δ

Geodile -MU11052 Δ

October rain -MU11055  Δ

Galaxy nights -MU11058  Δ

Flight Effect -MU11064  Δ

Passion Leaf -MU11067  Δ

Passion Leaf -MU11073  Δ

Lost Exposure -MU11061  Δ

Crust -MU11070  Δ

Milton dew -MU11076  Δ

Uncensored -MU11085  Δ

Woodstock -MU11079  Δ

Spirits -MU11082  Δ

Oceans Pure -MU11088  Δ

Holographic reflections -MU11091  Δ

Feng Shui -MU11094  Δ

Broken Elegance -MU11100  Δ

Unspoken -MU11097  Δ

Tomorrow -MU11103  Δ

Clarity -MU11106  Δ


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Standard or custom sizes

In our collection catalogues we offer standard sizes with the additional option to customize every mural with your own sizes, which is ideal for projects.

Panels widths and materials

Each design can be printed on various materials and widths that we mention in our catalogues. If a design is not suitable for a material, it will not be marked.

Residential or contract Materials

Using quality materials that are excellently suited for the residential and contract market, Muance offers a variety of substrates that can be fitted into most interior environments. Whether you are looking for a lightweight product or a durable heavy contract product, Muance can provide the necessary.

Metallic range

We also have a beautiful metallic range which can give your wall a even more spectacular appeal.

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