Edition 2 – Cobalt

Modern and luxury wallpapers design

modern and luxury wallpapers design with Muance

Muance is a Dutch contemporary design brand with a unique focus on digital wallpaper products, printed on exceptional materials.
Our collection of modern and luxury wallpapers designs offers a diverse range of beautiful, colorful and stylish designs which can be suited in most environment with the added potential to inspire the eye of the beholder.

Interior design is ever evolving, styles and ideas are continuously flowing and the need for “out of the box” thinking is growing by the day.
Do you have a profound interest for daring designs and are you in need of a wallpaper that will transform your space?
Indulge yourself and embrace what Muance has to offer.

+500 references and styles

We have at your disposal a large number of references and styles that can fit in with any space.

Choose any size you want

Choose the size that adapt better to your preferences. We adapt to your needs without any problem.

Unique textures and materials

We put at your disposal a set of high quality textures and materials, suitable for any design.

Especially for the contract sector

Specialists in the contract sector. Architects, interior designers, etc. A brand for professionals.

Designed by Dennis van Zanden

our Collections

Edition 2


Shimmer of gold and luster!

Edition 2

Dining with Mona

Mona lisa is waiting for you!

Edition 2

Honolulu sky

Imagine that cool breeze, the fresh smell of rain covered blades of grass and the pristine glowing tropical tree’s that billow under a gorgeous pink pacific sky. That's Honolulu sky

Edition 2

Eden of bliss

Escape the hectic world we live in

Information of our modern and luxury wallpapers designs

Standard or custom sizes

In our collection catalogues we offer standard sizes with the additional option to customize every mural with your own sizes, which is ideal for projects.

Panels widths and materials

Each wallpaper design can be printed on various materials and widths that we mention in our catalogues. If a design is not suitable for a material, it will not be marked.

Residential or contract Materials

Using quality materials that are excellently suited for the residential and contract market, Muance offers a variety of substrates that can be fitted into most interior environments. Whether you are looking for a lightweight product or a durable heavy contract product, Muance can provide the necessary.

Metallic range

We also have a beautiful metallic range which can give your wall a even more spectacular appeal.

Modern and luxury wallpapers design for any of your spaces 

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Muance, a brand for professionals

Muance offers a streamlined  backoffice system for professionals. All of our murals and samples can be ordered here using easy to use customization features. Register your company to Muance and receive a login from one of our distributors.


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